Childsplay Homebased Education Service is an independent, locally owned business supporting the South Canterbury area with quality education and care for preschool children.  We also provide before and after school and holiday care for school-aged children.  We are licensed and funded by the Ministry of Education and use Te Whariki: Early Childhood Curriculum as a tool for supporting the learning of each individual child within our service.

Licensed and funded by the Ministry of Education, Childsplay Homebased aim is to offer a service which recognises and celebrates the partnership of parent, Educator and child to ensure that children will grow up as competent, confident learners and communicators. Childsplay Homebased Education Service is committed to the education, health and wellbeing of New Zealand families and would love to help support any family big or small.

Childsplay Homebased Education Service believes that:

“Children will experience the simple things in life—time to fully explore their place in the world with an adult who is inspired to learn with and alongside them.  Children will develop and learn in a safe, nuturing and stimulating environment where social skills, values, honesty, co-operation, repsect and self esteem are enhanced through connecting links to the child’s own wider world and whanau setting”


Childsplay Homebased Education Services offers 20 ECE hours to all 3 and 4 year olds

Educators offer the children in their care many educational opportunities with activities such as story telling, baking, painting, messy play, playdough and music to expand their learning experiences. Children in a home based care have the added bonus of using the community as a resource for their learning, the small group allows for outings to happen on a regular basis. This may be as simple as the weekly shopping or a trip to the library.