To join our team:

  • Contact us and we will send out information about the role of Educator and an application form.
  • Follow up with a phone call to answer any questions you may have.
  • Set up a meeting so we can: talk about your aspirations for children in homebased care, discuss the home safety audit and equipment you may need to provide Homebased Care and Education in your home.
  • Process the necessary paper work. This will take a few weeks.  Once this has been completed we will put your name forward to our families needing care.
  • At this point you need to feel comfortable with the family who is interviewing you as our service is about building good relationships.
  • If the family choose you as their Educator we provide you with the necessary paper work, resources and Educator manual which has everything that you will need.
  • Provide the necessary nursery equipment like porta cots, high chairs and buggies.

Points for you to consider when deciding to join our team:

  • Does the philosophy of Childsplay fit with my own values and beliefs?
  • Am I prepared to become a self-employed contractor supported by Childsplay?
  • How do the others in my family feel about me caring for other children? In particular how would I meet my own and my family’s needs, as well as those of the extra child/children?
  • Can I be supportive of all families?
  • What do my family feel about young children in their home especially with extra wear and tear they bring? What about breakages especially favorite toys?
  • What age of a child would best I best be able to care for to meet their needs?
  • Would I be sensitive to another culture and would I be able to meet this child’s needs?
  • What about a child with special needs? Is my home suitable?
  • Is my home smoke free? If not, can I provide one? Do I have a commitment to ensure it is ongoing?
  • Can I provide a child proof first aid kit?
  • Can I impose limits on TV watching & other technology equipment in my home e.g. computer, iPad, cellphones, gaming centre’s?
  • Can I say “no” to the care arranger and parents if things are not working out?
  • Am I prepared to commit to Childsplay Homebased Education Services programme for children? And the necessary training to support this process?
  • Am I prepared to attend playgroup and outings provided by Childsplay Homebase Education Services?

For those interested in becoming an Educator for our service, contact us on 0800 027 427