Our service is focused on expanding the learning experiences for children in their early years. The other important aspect of our service is finding and supporting the Educator who is best suited to your family. Our Educators can only have 4 children including their own in care at one time, with only 2 under two children attending at the same time.

We will:

  • Provide 2 or 3 Educators to visit so you can choose the right Educator that suits your needs and the flexible hours that you may require.
  • Provide opportunities to have your child cared for in a small group situation (1 adult to 4 children or less).
  • Access WINZ funding if you are eligible (up to 9 hours for mums at home if you are eligible).
  • Offer FREE 20 Hours ECE to all 3 and 4-year olds
  • Information will be communicated through our website, Facebook, newsletters and Educa (our online profile platform).
  • We will be there at all times for you, your family and most importantly your children.

Our Visiting Teachers are trained and registered Early Childhood teachers who have many years experience in the early childhood field.

They will:

  • Support our Educators to provide learning opportunities for the children in their care.
  • Make regular phone calls and visit with the children and Educator at least once a month.
  • Provide Educators with creative and bicultural kits, access to a mobile educational toy library and other (Wave) resources to enhance children’s learning.
  • Provide a weekly play group for social interact between Educators and their children.
  • Regularly communicate up to date information about playgroup, outings, service information and activity ideas.
  • Provide professional development to all Educators.

Who can use our Service?

We are open to enrolments from everyone. We cater for children from six weeks till five years of age. (Or six years if needed). We offer support to Educators, Grandparents, family members and friends.

Our normal hours of operation are very flexible please discuss your needs with us as we have Educators who will accommodate flexible hours.

Fee Information:

Payment of care for your child occurs directly between parent and Educator.

  • Life Qualified Educators fees are $5.50 per hour
  • Level 4 Qualified Educators and Degree/Diploma Qualified and Registered Educators $5.50-$6.50 (These qualifications are in Early Childhood Education)

Absences will require retainer to be paid to the Educator. If 7 days notice has not been given, full fees will be required. For further information please refer to the Fees Policy.

Information and advice regarding payment structures will be made available to Educators and families to ensure that fair and equitable reimbursement is made.

Childcare Subsidy:

Your family may be eligible for a Work and Income Childcare Subsidy. This is paid to us and we pass it onto your Educator on your behalf. You can check this out at www.workandincome.govt.nz. This will be discussed during your initial interview.  Should your circumstances change or you wish to apply at a later stage we can help you with that process. Childsplay also supports families that already have care in place and therefore support any prior arrangements made with the carer. Please be aware that until we have confirmation of your winz subsidy you will be required to pay full fees to your Educator. We will then reimburse you the arrears.

About 20 Hours ECE:

Childsplay Homebased Education Service offers FREE 20 Hours ECE as part of the Government Scheme which means that education for your 3 and 4-year-old is a lot more affordable for families. It is not based on what you earn or whether you work out side the home. By funding 20 hours ECE, the government is giving you more choices about your child’s early childhood education.

All 3 and 4-year olds at an early childhood setting are eligible for the 20 Hours ECE for up to 6 hours a day, up to 20 hours a week. The ECE hours can not be carried over to another week.

20 Hours ECE starts when your child turns 3 and finishes when they turn 5. If your child does not start school when they turn 5, they can continue to receive ECE Hours until they go to school. Five-year-old children with special education needs can access this funding until they are 6 years and not attending school or are in a transition to school programme.

Your child must be enrolled and attending an ECE service offering the 20 Hours ECE like Childsplay Homebased Education Service. You must decide which of the enrolled hours, up to 6 per day and 20 per week, will be covered by ECE Hours.

You must complete the attestation form attached to your child’s enrolment form, this is a legal document. By signing the attestation form you are confirming to the Ministry of Education:

  • How many hours of ECE your child receives on each day of the week at each ECE service they attend
  • The hours of ECE your ECE service can claim from MOE
  • That your child does not get more than the maximum hours allowed across all the ECE services your child attends.
  • That you understand you must change your child’s attestation form if you change your child’s ECE hours.

Your child can receive the ECE hours at more than one ECE service. You will need to write on the attestation form how many hours of ECE hours your child will receive at each ECE service.

Children who are not resident or citizen of New Zealand can enroll with the 20 ECE hours.

If you have custody of your child and you each have separate ECE arrangements, you must ensure the attestation forms confirm that your child is not enrolled for more that 6 hours per day and more than 20 hours per week of ECE hours.

The 20 Hours ECE funding is not paid for public holidays, or when your Educator does not provide care.

ECE services can’t charge fees for the hours of 20 Hours ECE: however, they can require you to pay fees for your child’s other hours of enrolment. ECE services may request Optional Charges for specific features above regulation.

When looking at your options of the ECE hours and the childcare subsidy (if you are eligible) it would be a good idea to discuss this with us so as to decide which may be the best option for your situation.

From 2013 a national student number will be given to every learner in Early Childhood education by Ministry of Education. Our service will require a copy of your child’s birth certificate to ensure that identity records for your child are accurate.

Phone us today to discuss your education and care needs for your child:

0800 427 027

Points to consider when choosing an Educator for your Family:

Childsplay will be available to support you during this process.

  • Choosing the right Educator sets the scene for future relationships between Educator, child and parent. Ensure that there is plenty of time during the selection process to observe the Educator’s interactions with your child. Discuss at this time, your aspirations and needs for your child. How many children would you like with your child?
  • We encourage revisits to make certain that this is the right place for your child.
  • If our selection of Educators does not meet your needs, we will endeavor to offer further Educators for selection.
  • Have prepared a selection of questions that you wish to have answered during the process.
  • Hours of care required.
  • Who will drop off and collect.
  • Your child’s habits, favorite toys, special words, settling activities, likes and dislikes.
  • What sort of activities does that Educator provide to support children’s learning?
  • What is the daily routine? (Sleeping times, meal times etc.)
  • Discussion on guiding children’s behaviour.
  • What systems will be in place to ensure that you know what is happening for your child?
  • Television; what is okay for your child?
  • Outings
  • Car safety, who will provide car restraints?
  • Food, we ask parents to provide their child’s food requirements while in care.
  • Clothing, parents need to provide a change of clothing and enough nappies for the day plus a couple extra if needed.
  • Medication, accidents, and Illness.
  • Attendance at playgroup, music groups, other early childhood services and activities requested by family.
  • Drop off and pick up from other services may be required, reimbursement for this needs to be discussed.


  • Take time to make a final decision, Linda or Miranda will be available to discuss any concerns that you may have and if necessary we can arrange this out of office hours.
  • When you have made your final decision please contact us on 0800 427 027. This step is very important to ensure that all paperwork is complete before care commences.

What makes Homebased Education a great choice for Early Childhood Education?

  • Children love to play in a calm home environment where their play is unhurried and uninterrupted, as they would if they were at home.
  • Older children are able to have interests followed up immediately through trips to libraries or relevant locations.
  • Small groups (ratio: 1 adult and up to 4 children)
  • Actual primary care giving
  • 1:1 support = stronger relationships = increased learning
  • More settled
  • Opportunities for community experiences
  • Mixed age groups provide opportunities for older and younger children to mix and learn from each other.
  • Personal relationships with families/whanau
  • Group play/socialisation situations under adult supported circumstances.
  • Perfect group size with 1:4 ratio.If you require any more information please don’t hesitate to call on 0800 427 027