Miranda Williamson – Director/ Early Childhood Teacher

Hi I’m Miranda. I have been in Early Childhood since 1995. Gaining my Certificate in ECE after high school,  I moved up North where I nannied for 2 years before working in a community based sessional day care. While there I completed my Diploma in EC Education.

In 2006 I moved back down to Timaru where I worked in a day care centre, mainly in the nursery. 2011 saw me applying for a Visiting Teacher position at Childsplay, 2015 saw my colleague Linda Watt and I buying Childsplay. It is a great challenge and one I want to meet by doing the best I can to provide home care for children. I have seen so many great things happen for children in the Home-based setting and I truly believe that it is the best situation for children and families.

I believe that all children deserve to be loved and cared for and that this is the basis of their development. Children learn by being exposed to a variety of experiences but they learn in their own individual way in their own time. Educators are here to support and guide children but know when to let children take control of their own situations and learning.

Linda Watt – Director/ Early Childhood Teacher

Hi, I am Linda Watt. I have been working in Early Childhood Education for many years.  I graduated Christchurch College of Education in 1996 with a Diploma of Teaching (ECE).  I moved into the Homebased part of the sector in 2007 where I discovered a whole new passion for Early Childhood.  I now have the honour of being the Director/Owner for Childsplay Homebased Education Service after having purchased this business in 2015 with Miranda.  Together we have been working to ensure that Childsplay Homebased Education Service contines to provide the best education and care for the children of the South Canterbury district.

There are two areas that are important to me in terms of the work I do for Childsplay Homebased Education Service.  They are: holistic well-being for all members of the Childsplay whanau and the relationships that are formed between the Educator, child and their family.  The connection between these two things ensures we are able to provide the best education and care for the children.